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We provide line marking services for the demarcation of electric vehicle charging point bays, clearly showing where they can be accessed. Our line marking services can vary, from the application of a simple electric vehicle logo, to individual coloured bays as specified by the client.

We will ensure that EV charging bays stand out and their usage is clear, applying lines, colours, logos and wording as required.

We work with a wide range of clients including local authorities, housing developers and commercial contractors, supporting environmental initiatives and improving access to EV charging points.

We have a highly experienced team ready to undertake new line marking work, taking on projects of all sizes.

Contact us to enquire about EV charging bay line marking services.

Call 01604 843164, email enquiries@northamptonlinemarkings.co.uk or send us a message.

You can read more about our Car Park Line Marking services here.


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    Our EV Charging Bay Line Marking Services

    Coloured bays

    We can clearly mark out public and private EV charging bays


    Where logos are required, we can apply these directly to surfacing


    Wording can be added along with bay markings

    Do you require additional works outside of this scope, or are you looking for support with multiple line marking projects?

    We are highly experienced in line marking for EV bays and can offer tailored solutions for all clients. Please get in touch to discuss your EV charging bay line marking requirements.

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