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Accreditations for line marking services

We have provided highway line marking services for more than 20 years, covering control, warning, guidance and information markings for road users. We use the highest quality, most appropriate materials for every project, including thermoplastic road markings that meet BS EN 1871 standards and performed markings that fall within BS EN 1790 standards.

Our highway line and road marking clients include:

Using our industry connections and close relationships with suppliers, we can supply all necessary materials. Paired with our extensive knowledge of road markings on highway networks, our offering is unique: we will always ensure road markings are correctly applied using long-lasting materials, meeting the necessary regulations and standards.

Our highly experienced team is ready to undertake new road marking works for highways, working accurately to designed drawings.

We can also provide ongoing maintenance for existing road markings in accordance with technical specifications and any relevant local authority directives.

Contact us to enquire about highway line marking services. Call 01604 843164, email or send us a message.


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    Our Road Line Marking Services

    Longitudinal line marking

    Providing accurate longitudinal line markings to exact requirements

    Double line marking – yellow, white and red

    Marking double lines in any required colour using quality materials

    Road stud installation

    High speed road stud installation using the latest application methods

    Line markings for major and minor junctions

    Making junctions safe and clear with effective line markings

    Roundabout markings

    Provision of appropriate markings for all roundabouts

    Creating yellow box junctions

    Accurate, long-lasting line markings to designate yellow box junctions

    Arrow markings and lane destinations

    Installation of safety features for roads

    Installation of traffic calming measures

    We can install speed humps, warning markings, notifications and more to help control traffic

    Wording and diagrammatic markings

    Wording and diagrams to make messages clear for drivers

    Antiskid surface repairs

    Maintenance, upkeep and repairs of highway surfaces

    Bus stop markings

    Installation and maintenance of markings to designate bus stops

    Zebra, parallel, puffin and toucan crossing markings

    All markings for crossings can be installed by our experienced team

    Speed roundel markings

    Clear, carefully installed speed roundel markings

    Road Markings for All Sectors & Industries

    We are highly experienced and can offer tailored line marking solutions for all projects. Please contact us to discuss your highway line marking requirements.

    Local authorities

    Housing developers

    Commercial contractors

    Domestic clients

    freshly painted yellow lines on a corner of road
    Guiding you in the right direction.