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Accreditations for line marking services

Safety and Access Solutions for Businesses

Armco barrier systems

Crash barriers for safety in car parks and on roads

Self-closing safety gates

Providing security and access control


An important safety feature to keep people safe


Regulating access to pedestrian areas

Wheel stops

Systems to mark and control car parking areas

Security barriers

Adding an additional layer of security and access control

Height restriction barriers

Managing areas by controlling the vehicles that enter

Speed humps

Traffic calming measures to slow down traffic

Wheel guides

For the proactive management of loading bays

Sleeping policeman ramps

Controlling speed of traffic safely and effectively

We provide turnkey solutions for safety and access, supplying and installing a range of safety products alongside our line marking operations.

For our clients, this offers a single point of contact across all projects and we can ensure that safety is prioritized at your premises, implementing robust safety and access solutions across the board.

Our team is highly experienced in the provision of safety solutions and we will do everything we can to make your premises safe and secure.

Contact us to enquire about safety and access solutions. Call 01604 843164, email or send us a message.


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    Do you need additional safety and security features?

    We are highly experienced in the supply and installation of safety products, so please get in touch to discuss the requirements for your sector and environment.

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