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Accreditations for line marking services

We can provide line markings for schools, universities and educational facilities, evolving and adapting our processes to meet all operational needs. We can work around the requirements of educational establishments, adopting a flexible approach to accommodate timetables and scheduling the work in conveniently.

We have extensive knowledge of line markings and work with:


Preschools and nurseries



Academy trusts

We supply high-quality materials that can stand up to intense usage in educational environments.

Our experienced team is large enough to take on extensive projects with multiple, complex requirements.

At the same time, no job is too small so if you need line markings within a smaller area or establishment, we can help.

Our team can update and add to existing line markings where required. We can also offer ongoing maintenance contracts which provide excellent value for money

Contact us to enquire about line marking services in educational environments. Call 01604 843164, email or send us a message.


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    Our Line Marking Services for the Education Sector

    Sports courts

    Line markings that withstand regular high usage


    Delineate safe paths and places to walk

    Standard parking bays

    Maintain safe, organised car parking facilities

    Disabled parking bays

    Provide clear, appropriate parking facilities for disabled people

    EV charging points

    Clearly mark out electric vehicle charging bays

    Directional arrows

    Ensure safe, orderly movement around buildings, campuses and car parks

    Wording and diagrammatic markings

    Add bespoke wording and markings as required

    Playground games

    Hopscotch, snakes and ladders, courts for games, and more

    Sensory paths

    Sensory path markings that contribute to the learning and development of children

    Do you require additional works outside of this scope or do you have specialist requirements for your educational establishment?

    We are highly experienced in line marking for schools, colleges, universities and more, offering a fully bespoke service – including our playground line marking services. Feel free to get in touch to discuss line marking requirements for educational environments.

    disabled parking bays that have been freshly painted
    yellow and white line markings on school playground
    Works you require not listed above?
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