Technical Information

We provide markings that stand the test of time, using our industry experience and quality materials to offer the right solution in every situation.

This includes the application of the correct materials and products for each environment, producing results that will last.

Here is an overview of the different products we use for line marking – if you want to discuss this with our team and find out exactly what you require for your project, please call 01604 843164, email or send us a message.

Not sure which paints to use?

  • Performs best on asphalt surfaces
  • External application recommended
  • Durable and excellent wear resistance
  • Cost-efficient
  • Limited colour range available
  • Non-reflective and reflective options are available
  • Can be trafficked almost immediately
  • Commonly used in the following applications:
    – Roads
    – Car parks
Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
  • Performs well on asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • External application recommended
  • Highest durability and wear resistance
  • Non-reflective and reflective options available
  • Curing time of 10-30 minutes
  • Commonly has the following applications:
    – Distribution centres
    – Heavily trafficked roads
Acrylic/Single & 2 Pack Epoxy/Polyaspartic Paints
  • Performs well on asphalt and concrete surfaces
  • Internal and external applications
  • Anti-slip coatings for walkways availabl
  • Durable and good wear resistance dependant on surface preparation
  • Can’t be applied to brand new asphalt and concrete surfaces. It’s recommend to leave 28 days between surface installation and painting
  • Limitations on application when weather conditions are unfavourable, for example high humidity or low temperatures
  • Commonly has the following applications:
    – Safety walkways
    – Loading bays
    – Sports courts
disabled parking bays that have been freshly painted
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