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Accreditations for line marking services


We understand that well defined, carefully considered line markings are often needed in the construction, warehousing and retail sectors, improving presentation, safety and logistical frameworks of facilities. To meet these needs, we offer a range of marking services.

Some of the most popular services we provide include thermoplastic line marking, anti-slip coating application, and the full painting and line marking of floors, walkways, loading bays and yards throughout a facility.

We have worked with a number of builders’ merchants, warehousing professionals, and owners of workshops and depots to improve facilities, making navigation safe and clear.

Our line marking products are sourced from leading brands to provide the highest quality, and all markings will be able to withstand high footfall through areas like yards, depots and warehouses.

We have an experienced team ready to take on line marking projects of all sizes, including new line marking application, maintenance of existing markings and ongoing maintenance as part of a contract.

Contact us to enquire about line marking services for builders’ merchants, warehouses, workshops and depots. Call 01604 843164, email enquiries@northamptonlinemarkings.co.uk or send us a message.


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    Line Marking Services for Warehouses

    Directional arrows and walking man symbols

    Indicate walkways and show all users where pedestrians may be present


    Create a safe environment with designated walkways

    Loading bays

    We mark out bays for loading and unloading

    Customer parking

    Ensure there is clearly defined parking for customers’ convenience

    Staff parking

    Separate customer and staff parking with clear line markings

    Disabled parking

    Mark out appropriate accessible parking areas for people with disabilities


    Define zones to improve logistics and avoid congestion

    Numbering and lettering

    Use numbering and lettering to convey clear messages

    Do you require works outside of this scope, or do you need something specialist for your facilities?

    We are highly experienced in this sector, providing clear, accurate markings to enhance safety, visibility and useability at your premises.

    Please get in touch to discuss line marking requirements for builders’ merchants, warehouses, workshops and depots.

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