Professional Line Marking Services


Long established professional line marking business, specialising in the application of Thermoplastic and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) road surface markings and performance paints used for the marking of lines and diagrammatic markings.

Accreditations for line marking services

What do you need line marking for?

Whether it is to delineate parking spaces that have faded to a small communal parking area, or install specialist road markings to a busy town centre, we at Northampton Line Markings will provide a robust turnkey line marking solution to meet your needs.

Please take the time to look through our scope of services and feel free to get in touch with your requirements. We will aim to respond within a 24 hour period so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Road markings on highway networks.


A wide range of standard and bespoke line marking solutions.


The marking of demarcating Electric Vehicle charging point bays.


Facilitating the changing needs and/or provide maintenance to existing markings.


Simple and concise line marking that can be understood quickly by the general public.


Line markings from thermoplastic line markings to anti-slip coatings to fully painted and line marked floors.


Providing a range of line markings and logos to keep the circuit in top condition or help promote a sponsor.


Ensuring that markings are an asset to the facility and productivity and safety is optimized.


Offering a single point of contact for clients requiring robust safety and access solutions.

We're proud to provide line marking services for:

Weetabix corby kettering line marking projects

Our Line Marking Accreditations

At Northampton Line Markings we operate under internationally recognised quality, safety and environmental management systems. Through this, we seek to improve the quality of service that we provide our customers and ensure strong governance within the business.

Complementing our management systems is our Safe Contractor accreditation. This demonstrates that we’ve got the right credentials to undertake works safely, and that we provide robust equal opportunities, diversity and environmental management practices within the business.

Locations We Cover

Strategically located in Northampton with headquarters in Moulton Park, we offer line marking services to all surrounding areas and counties. We cover the whole of Northamptonshire as well as Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Leicestershire, London and Warwickshire. So no matter if you’re based in Northampton, Coventry, Lutterworth or Rugby – we’re happy to assist.  

Or, if you’re located in any of the other surrounding regions or wider locations, please contact us for a quote – we can cover your area.

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Line Marking FAQs

What does line marking involve?

Line marking involves the application of lines, symbols, logos and words to a surface, helping to improve navigation and safety. Markings may be applied to roads and highways, car parks, playgrounds, forecourts, building floors and more to provide a simple, logical layout.

What methods do you use for line marking?

Line markings are applied using specialist machinery and equipment, with the exact type depending on the surface. They may be painted on using traffic paint, performance paint or another substance. Another popular application method is to apply line making materials using heat.

How long do line markings typically last?

Line markings on busy roads and highways will generally last for a few years before they need to be refreshed. Line markings where there is less traffic could last for three years, or maybe more. It will all depend on the quality of the line markings and the level of use the area receives.

What are the most popular line marking materials?

Thermoplastic and methyl methacrylate (MMA) markings are very popular for surfaces including concrete, asphalt and tarmac. Performance paint and other road marking paints can be applied to a variety of surfaces including roads and car parks.

Are line the line markings you apply permanent?

Line markings will generally last for a few years depending on how much the surface is used. To remove them before this, specialist equipment can be used to erase the line markings – they can then be reapplied as needed.

Can line markings be removed?

Yes, old line markings or incorrect markings can be removed. We offer a line marking removal service, which often becomes a part of the line marking process itself, to ensure any stray lines are removed.